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Five Categories of Incarnated Lightworkers Lightworkers are people who feel in their souls a divine, global mission to help the world through love, education, higher consciousness, and healing. Those who advocate for love, light, and planetary well-being have been characteristically recognized to have certain common traits that fall naturally into groups. These tendencies have been categorized into Earth angel realms by Dr. Doreen Virtue.

Earth Angel Realm - Incarnated Angels
Lightworkers who have come to the Earth as incarnated angels may have distinct characteristics such heart-shaped faces and light or blonde colored hair. They tend to be calm, patient, and prudent with respect to obeying rules and regulations.

Incarnated angels often have collections of angel memorabilia such as angelic statues, jewelry and books. In the workforce, they seek jobs in the service professions like counselors, teachers, and nurses. They usually apologize often and attract codependent relationships.

Earth Angel Realm - Incarnated Elementals
From long wavy, fairy-like hair to short pixie-cut hair, incarnated elementals can vary as much as the type of nature spirits in the elemental kingdom. They tend to have passionate, fiery personalities and love to laugh, play, and be silly.

Incarnated elementals have an affinity for nature, environmentalism, and the outdoors. With their addictive tendencies, they may enjoy alcoholic beverages and partying. An ideal job for an incarnated elemental would be a comedian, actor, or musician.

Earth Angel Realm - Starpeople
Starpeople originally come from other planets and galaxies but have incarnated on Earth with a mission to spread kindness. They may express a yearning for their home planet and have a connection with star groups like the Pleiades or Sirius.

Physical characteristics of starpeople include exotic, almond or inverted U-shaped eyes. Males may be tall and have a thin frame. Interests of starpeople include UFOs, technology, and electronic devices. They have a rainbow aura and often work as energy healers.

Earth Angel Realm - Wise Ones
The realm of the wise ones includes humans who were once practitioners such as shamans, witches, wizards, and high priestesses. They feel a connection to Earth-based religions and philosophies like Wicca. Profoundly wise and highly intuitive, they tend to have a solemn and serious demeanor.

As a way to honor their true lineage, they may have the desire to wear Renaissance or goddess-like garb and are attracted to Renaissance fairs. Wise ones enjoy dragons, wizards, and mythical eras like Atlantis, Avalon, and Lemuria.

Earth Angel Realms - Hybrids, Shapeshifters, and Evolving Souls

If lightworkers feel they don't fit into one of the other Earth angel realms, they may possibly be a hybrid, shapeshifter, or evolving soul. Hybrid realms include the blended mystic angels (half wise one and half incarnated angel) and star-mers (half starperson and half merperson) for example.

Leprechauns (half wise one and half incarnated elemental) like to be silly sometimes and serious other times; they tend to wear green or earth-tone colors and enjoy telling stories and playing practical jokes.

Merpeople, also of the blended realms, have an affinity to water, tend to have long, red hair, have greenish eyes, and love animals like dolphins, whales, seahorses, and dragonflies.

The Knights Paladin is an Earth angel realm that represents the protective side of angels. They are fascinated with knights, armor, the Round Table and Arthurian legend and often work in the armed services or police force.

Shapeshifters are dabblers that try different realms, learning what they can from each and bringing gifts of joy to others. Evolving souls also move on to various realms not fully identifying with one group but are aware they have a divine purpose.

For believers, these groups are not meant to create a belief of separation. The purpose is to help lightworkers feel more comfortable about their personalities, behaviors, and desires to be of assistance.

Discovering qualities of Earth angels may allow lightworkers to gain a sense of identity and understanding as they attempt to figure out their personal and spiritual purposes.

Virtue, D. (2007). Realms of the Earth Angels

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Comment by Makayla Leaver on September 26, 2014 at 8:14am
Is there anyone out there who is an angel like me?? I've been searching and praying to God that he'll grant me the honor of finally being in contact with someone like me. It seems as though no one is an angel. Are there any out there? I'm 15 and I just found out a couple of months ago what I am. I also just found out that I'm suppose to change the world, Guide them to Jesus, so they can follow him because he is the only way to God. I need help and I have a ton of questions. Please I just need answers from others that have been on Earth longer it would be an honor to know.

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