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We are all here to learn and grow, it happens to all of us even if it may not seem like. We grow at different rates and different times but we all do it. Some of us grow from happy times while others grow from sad times. The sad times seem to be harder and more difficult, as though we must rush through them as fast as possible – why is this? Does it have to do with an expectation that says life should be happy and if it’s not happy then there’s something wrong with it? What’s wrong with having this expectation?

By having an expectation we are defining what is right and what is wrong. If something doesn’t go according to plan then it must be wrong. Aren’t we all just trying to learn and grow from our experiences? Are we making life more difficult by creating expectations?

If we were to lose all expectations then we would see that we don’t NEED to have the sad times be difficult for us because life isn’t always going to be happy. By telling yourself life isn’t always happy and it’s just a part of growing up then the sad times become increasingly less difficult. You lose the need to rush through the sad times which decreases the anxiety you feel and you begin to learn to go with the flow of things. When a sad time rolls around you realize okay well this is a part of life, I’m growing, I’m adapting and I’m learning from this time but it’s okay because I no longer expect life to always be happy.

The reason life is hard is because YOU make it hard. It was never hard until you defined what was hard about it. If you can make it hard then you can also make it easier on yourself by just being who you are and allowing whatever happens in your life come with ease whether it’s a “good” or “bad” experience for you.

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